Chicken Shawarma Hummus Bowl

Chicken Shawarma Hummus Bowl

Falafel Buffalo Fritters

Falafel Buffalo Fritters

Balti Shrimp Naan Flatbread

Balti Shrimp Naan Flatbread

Hummus Individual Portion Cup

Hummus Individual Portion Cup

What We Do

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Food Service Specialty

In Our Food Service Department We Work Closely With Our Customers To Understand There Need So We Can Bring Them The Best Quality For The Lowest Price Possible.
Most Of Our Customers Are Working With Ingredients Are Most Likely Are Being Imported ,and With Our Imports Department We Were Able To Satisfy Our Customer By Adding there Special Product To Our Import List. “will bring the world to you”

Retailer Product

Dallas Metro Food is currently Working With Manufactures From All Over The World To Start Importing The Fainest Quality Product For Retailers .
As Usual We Will Be Working So Closely With Our Clients To Satisfy There Needs.


Importing Is one Of Our Mission ,Which is bringing The Best Of The Best To our Customers , By Working With Manufactures From All Over The World,We Are Able To Have A Very Good Selection Of product And Will Keep Adding To It.
Please Contact Us To Find Out More.

Customized Product

Having A Costume Print Bags Or To Go Items For Your Business Is Always Been A grate Tool To Have For Advertising .

with Dallas metro you have the choice of customizing almost everything

*Pre-mixed spices up to your spec or your special mix.

*Grecian Delight one of the manufacture we work with who can produce your custom formula or help you develop that perfect ethnic meat item for your offering. Our USDA plant handles beef, lamb and chicken  with specialty claims like Halal, Kosher, Natural and Never Ever Meats. They can create formed or hand-stacked cones, loaves or convenient slices. Capabilities include pre-cooked or raw items in a range of packaging needs including retail cartons, individually wrapped sandwiches, vacuum packed, or food service and commissary compatible packaging.

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