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A staple in Greek cuisine and many dishes throughout the world, these Nasonville Dairy 5 lb. fresh feta in brine are sure to add an extra burst of flavor to your most popular recipes. This full-flavored cheese is cured with brine for greater preservation while delivering a salty and tangy taste with a strong, nutty aroma. Feta is the perfect salty addition to your salad, olive, tomato, and green vegetable recipes; it pairs well with everything from roasted peppers, beets, and carrots to fresh watermelon. Add to pizza, drizzle with olive oil and eat on a baguette, or eat it with beer for the perfect burst of Grecian flavor. Use it to top a traditional Greek salad, mouthwatering spanakopita, or combined with fresh tomato and basil atop a piping hot pizza. Complement the feta by pairing it with wines like beaujolais, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and zinfandel or beers like Belgian IPA, English strong ale, or Hefeweizen.