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Whether you’re serving up a hearty breakfast or a sweet, satisfying meal anytime throughout the day, you can be sure that this pancake and waffle syrup is just the treat your patrons are looking for to complement their meal. A beloved breakfast component, this pancake and waffle syrup combines the convenience you desire with the classic, sweet flavor that your customers crave. With 1 gallon of syrup in every container, your establishment will be in good supply for all of your breakfast rushes. Warm it up, or serve it at room temperature before drizzling atop a plentiful stack of pancakes, waffles, or French toast for a sticky-sweet breakfast treat that customers will love. For an extra special dining experience, you can even pair it with powdered sugar, butter, or fruit toppings!

This syrup’s delightful sweetness, traditional taste, and smooth consistency makes it a deliciously-indulgent accompaniment to a variety of breakfast services. The container has an easy-pour opening which allows this syrup to be easily transferred to a smaller, sophisticated container or syrup dispenser for use at individual tables. In addition, this bottle features a resealable cap to keep the product fresh and flavorful until it’s gone. The cap also helps to keep the syrup from spilling out if the container is accidentally knocked over, therefore preventing unwanted messes. Ideal for diners, restaurants, hotels, and more, this 1 gallon pancake and waffle syrup is perfect for adding a smooth, sweet flavor to your most popular breakfast offerings.