20JL LIDS 1000-CT

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This Dart 20JL translucent vented lid is ideal for preventing unforeseen spills. This translucent lid provides a tight seal on your customers’ cups, allowing them to take their favorite foods on-the-go with ease. The secure fit of this lid prevents spills so you customers can travel with their food and not worry about making a mess. This lid serves as an insulator and is great for hot foods like soup or cold foods like fruit salad. You can also use this lid for smaller food cups to keep mac and cheese warm or pasta salad cold. The vented design allows steam to escape and prevents warm foods from getting soggy.

These lids are also stackable, which makes storage easy. Whether you’re stocking your disposable food container supply in your cafe, kiosk, deli, or other venue offering food on-the-go, this Dart lid is the economical choice that gives you functionality, durability, quality and satisfaction!