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In 2006 Dallas metro food was founded based in Dallas TX and specializing in  Mediterranean and Greek product .

Despite all the challenges Dallas metro food is committed to deliver quality ,service and customer satisfaction to all our customer and proudly we  consider our customers as our partners in this journey as well as our vendors and  manufactures who we without there would be no way to be where we are without their support.

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Our Features
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Our Features

Chicken Shawarma Hummus Bowl

Traditional Hummus (#4390) creates the foundation to top with a cabbage and veggie mix, plus our Natural Halal Chicken Shawarma (#ME000017)...

Falafel Buffalo Fritters

A vegetarian option for game day! Toss Falafel 1oz Fritters (#SA000011) in buffalo sauce and serve with a side of Greek Yogurt Tzatziki sauce...

Balti Shrimp Naan Flatbread

Balti Shrimp Naan Flatbread Traditional Oval Naan (#052900) toasted and topped with sautéed shrimp, Four Pepper Cilantro (Skhug) sauce (#03101)...

Hummus Individual Portion Cup

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